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exists to mobilize, assist, and empower churches throughout North Carolina to discover and engage unreached people groups who are now living here in our cities with a disciple-making strategy. 

Making disciples in a nation of immigrants

It’s been said the United States is a nation of immigrants. Cris Alley shares some practical ideas to remember when ministering to immigrants.[more]

Book review: Preach and Heal

Becky Hardy shares how Dr. Charles Fielding’s book Preach and Heal: A Biblical Model for Missions changed her outlook on missions and life.[more]

7 ways to be culturally sensitive to Hindus

Currently, five of the largest concentrations of unreached people groups (UPGs) in North Carolina identify themselves predominantly as Hindu. [more]

God, in His sovereign will, has seen fit to bring the nations to North America. Now it is up to His people to be obedient in reaching those whom He has brought to us with the gospel. The North American church must shift toward focusing mission on every congregation’s immediate context and not only some distant community. The growing population of unreached immigrants in North America is evident and the need for the gospel to permeate these peoples is greater now than ever before.

The general strategy begins with mobilizing your church to discover people groups in your area by carefully examining your neighborhoods and encountering people group communities in your day-to-day activities. Once people groups have been discovered, they must be intentionally engaged through a consistent presence and gospel proclamation. This is done with the hope that it will open the door to start Bible study groups in their communities. As the Bible study groups grow, leaders are identified and equipped from within the group. The process will be complete when churches multiply among the people group, regionally and around the world. These new people group churches will then be invited to partner as sister churches with the engaging church and the cycle continues!

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