people groups are settling in the state at an amazing rate, as North Carolina is quickly becoming a global community. There are 300 languages spoken in the homes in North Carolina.

There are more than 130 Asian churches, missions, and ministries related to the BSCNC. Twenty-two Asian languages and dialects are spoken in worship and Bible study. The number and variety of these ministries continue to grow.

Asian church development is working alongside the churches and associations to develop leaders and congregations to effectively reach Asians for Christ through making disciples.

Asian Ministry offers some translated resources not included on this site. Please contact Sei Hun Kim if you are interested in translated copies of the following:

  • Looking at Your Church in 3D
  • Experiencing God
  • MasterLife: MasterBuilder

More Information

Sei Hun Kim  /  /  (919) 819-1753
Austin Pulliam  /  (800) 395-5102 ext. 5651