Video Section 3: A Walk Through Ezekiel 37:4

Without a word from God, the bones could not live. The same is true today. Without a faithful sowing of God's Word, revival and spiritual awakening will not take place. We must pray for God to raise up available, obedient instruments, who will faithfully sow the Word of the Lord! 

Prayer Points

  • Pray that more men and women would answer the call to be those that proclaim the gospel.
  • Pray that we would recognize the power of God made manifest both in his word and in creation.
  • Pray that you would see yourself as completely dependent upon God.

Study Questions

  1. How is God's bringing to life the dead bones in Ezekiel similar to what God has done in your own heart?
  2. To which previous act of God in Scripture does this scene in Ezekiel call to mind?
  3.  What does it mean for you to faithfully proclaim the word of God?


Tweet: "Pray that God would call forth heralds of his great gospel to the ends of the Earth" Byron Glaspy of @TCCRaleigh

Keelan Cook

Byron Glaspy

Pastor, Treasuring Christ Church, Raleigh, NC

Byron Glaspy is an Old Testament PhD student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a pastor at Treasuring Christ Church. Together, he and his wife, Briana Glaspy, have three children:  Amiah, Dellah, and Simone.

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